Who are we?

Our company is composed of seven employees. Our employees are regularly offered training to keep up to date with the changes and new developments of our industry. Our technicians receive specific training to get deep insight about the products we promote.

Customer-focused, we are constantly looking for the best products in order to meet the customers’ demands, even the most demanding ones. We want to offer our clients the wellbeing they deserve.


Shutters protecting from cold and sun, reducing noise levels and ensuring safety; awnings protecting from the sun and its nasty effects or making possible to finish your barbecue on the terrace when it starts raining: all those products, we have tested and approved them for you.

We know we can answer all your questions and we have the products you are looking for. We are specialized in shutters, awnings and conservatory awnings as well as embellishment of the windows. We also can proceed with the electrification of your already existing shutters. Our company has always been working with the upmost professionalism, getting complete satisfaction from our customers.


The comfort of our customers, their security and their wellbeing is essential for us.